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Sign Bill Richardson complained about in San Angelo (credit: Joe Hyde)

Bill Richardson Quits Council Race

by Joe Hyde

Mar 19, 2014

Bill Richardson announced over lunch that he is withdrawing his candidacy for San Angelo City Council, SMD 1. He was to face incumbent Rodney Fleming and retired local Verizon chief Trinidad Aguirre.

Richardson cited the reason was that he doesn't have the time to devote to the duties as a councilman, or to campaign.

Richardson endorsed Aguirre.

"He kind of caught me by surprise when he said that. He was very humble and announced it very professionally. I thanked him for his support. When a man does what he did and stands up there in front of a camera and says what he has to say, you have to respect it. He loved the political environment," Aguirre said.

Aguirre is excited now that the campaign is now a two-man race. 

Councilman Rodney Fleming agreed that a two-man race was preferable. "Trinidad is a very good person and formidable opponent. But I'm going to outwork him," Fleming said with a wink.

Yesterday, Richardson demanded that the San Angelo City Council reprimand opponent Fleming for Fleming's campaign signage that stated that Fleming was a "Republican." Richardson claimed that the city charter forbids party affiliation.

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Fleming first to file for City Council

Red Arroyo, police dock on candidate's list

By Monique Ching
Posted January 29, 2014


San Angelo City Councilman Rodney Fleming, who was elected to an unexpired term to represent Single-Member District 1 last year, officially announced his campaign for re-election.

More than a dozen friends, family and supporters attended Fleming’s formal announcement Wednesday at City Hall.

“I’m at a point where I can really do good for the city,” Fleming said. “I feel I’m getting really comfortable with it, and I’m asking the right questions.”
The past year on the council has allowed him to become familiar with city processes, Fleming said.

Leslee Fleming, his wife and co-owner of their local real estate business, Angelo Home Team, said her husband invested a lot of time in the council the past year out of a genuine desire to better the city.

“He’s doing it for San Angelo. We need somebody like that,” Leslee Fleming said, adding that he spends a lot of time at meetings and speaking with concerned residents.

The Red Arroyo project — in which the city hopes to capture and filter water from the river after heavy rains — was a key issue Rodney Fleming spoke on. He said he helped revive discussions on the project and hopes to continue pursuing it in his next term.

“The Red Arroyo project should’ve been done 20 years ago,” Fleming said. “No one else is talking about that right now.”

Many of the discussions on the Red Arroyo project have occurred in executive session, and details have not been released on it yet.

Other projects Fleming cited in a news release include work on a golf cart ordinance regarding public streets and efforts to construct a police dock at Lake Nasworthy.

His wife has been a vital support system during his time on the council, Fleming said, helping with the business when he was occupied with city affairs.

“It’s a lot more time-consuming than I (initially) thought,” he said with a laugh. “But I love it; I actually love it.”

The former airman and small-business owner hopes to continue pursuing water issues for the city.

“I feel as though I have just begun the work that needs to be done,” he said in the release. “I truly love being a city councilman and feel like I have made a difference in the short time that I have had the privilege of serving the community I have made my home the past 14 years.”

Rodney Fleming

For Immediate Release


Rodney Fleming Has Served as San Angelo’s Voice of Reason   during First Term

Rodney Fleming, San Angelo Realtor, broker and owner of Angelo Home Team, officially will announce his candidacy for re-election for City Council Single-Member District 1 at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29, in the lobby of San Angelo City Hall, 72 W. College Ave.
Fleming was elected to the San Angelo City Council, a two-year term, last June. Despite having been councilman less than a year, he said he feels he already has spearheaded and contributed to positive changes within the city. He cited his work on the Red Arroyo project, in which he is encouraging the city to implement a plan to capture and filter water from the river after heavy rains; his crafting and implementation of the golf cart ordinance, wherein Angelo State University and small businesses may drive golf carts on city streets only where the posted speed limit is less than 35 miles per hour, and provided the carts have been inspected by the police department; and his tough stance against a proposal for a trailer park addition in front of the Butler Farms subdivision.
In addition, Fleming is in the process of spearheading the construction of a police dock on Lake Nasworthy and has taken the lead in working with local builders in the writing of subdivision policies.
“I changed the rules on the length of portable signs that can be used in the city,” Fleming said, adding that numerous local business owners approached him for help in the matter. “The sign ordinance was for 90 days per location, and I extended it to 180 days.”
San Angelo Mayor Dwain Morrison extolled Fleming’s virtues of passion for his work as councilman and his obvious sense of responsibility to his citizens. “Rodney has already proven himself reliable in water and real-estate issues,” Morrison said. “He reads and understands and educates himself about everything that we deal with. He cares very deeply about his job, and he is just a tremendous council person. And I need him.”
Fleming is eager for the challenges that lie ahead in a second term. “I feel as though I have just begun the work that needs to be done,” he said. “I truly love being a city councilman and feel like I have made a difference in the short time that I have had the privilege of serving the community I have made my home the past 14 years.”
Fleming said he constantly experiences the rewards of his dogged work ethic. “I get people coming up to me every week saying that they love to watch the city council meetings and that they are glad there is someone like them taking care of business for the city.”
Fleming served in the U.S. Air Force for four years before returning to San Angelo, where he was once stationed, in 2000. He has sold real estate since 1994, been a broker since 2010 and started Angelo Home Team, a real-estate company, in 2008. He now employs nine agents.
Fleming and his wife, Leslee, also a Realtor and co-owner of Angelo Home Team, have three children: Zach, Matt and Megan. They are members of PaulAnn Baptist Church.
For more information about Fleming or his campaign for re-election, visit his website,

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Telephone: 325-656-7777